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Ratnic8000's News

Posted by Ratnic8000 - July 23rd, 2017

Pls go and follow my friend, it seems that he has been hacked and he lost some fans and some art


It will be appreciated!

Posted by Ratnic8000 - February 11th, 2017

me voy a suicidar xdddd

Posted by Ratnic8000 - September 30th, 2016


Posted by Ratnic8000 - March 27th, 2016

Since everyone is doing this, i wanted to make one too, so why not?


There ya go.

Posted by Ratnic8000 - February 1st, 2016

Heya guys..

I didn't made so much progress in my stuff because i'm having a hard time, my grandmother is in the hospital since december of the last year, she have a disease that affects her force and her mind, and my father is calling some people to stay with her some time.

At least in the hospital they let me go to visit her and talk a bit, she treats everyone with love including some doctors.

Now she's sleeping more than after, it's good for her.

I really love her, she's great. :)

Changing the theme! (e.e)

As i said, i didn't made so much progress in my stuff, like Falling in Madness 2.

At the moment i did 2089 frames, and i'm putting some new and nice sounds that i found around there. ;3

Moar pics!

5122328_145436637723_Screenshot001.jpg   5122328_145436646222_Screenshot.jpg "oh, fuk yeh!"

And if you're a bit confused about my last post, it's about the intro, it will explain a bit what happens the beginning.

And here some old shit that i did:

This one is old

But this one is new :0

And i wanted to draw some anime gurlz in madness style, like @ADDqd did...


A bit poop with pee...


I wanted to give u dat noob sprites that i did in this post:

Fla for CS6: http://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/2c4e471a916570362ac223dc1d8f08c5

Swf: http://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/ba45fb407cb95e20b124238eb1245ace

(give credit or i will find you i will kill you with a banana)

That's all what i wanted to say about my world.


Posted by Ratnic8000 - January 14th, 2016

*Floor 2 - Cell 7 - audio #1 - 18/11/1975*

"Back to the hell, i think that you love this place, no? hehehe...
Do you like your new cell? it's special for you... number 7, what a nice number.
You look a bit hurt, at least you're not the last inmate that was in you cell,
he was really ugly, ugly with U of.. em.. Ugly.
I can't believe that you are that.. "Hero" about everyone is talking about, just look
at yourself, you can't go to a simple house without get a shoot or be stabbed by someone,
that's really humiliating.
Why you still fighing?!? What do you want?!? It's useless! Stop!
I think that you don't understand how this works.
You die and you stay dead, easy, there is no trick, there is nothing, just that.
You made me remind a serial killer that i saw in Nevada, he was really violent, anyone can't
describe what kind of monster was him. I just remember his red eyes, empty eyes, without feelings.
Better if we talk about other thing, something not so disturbing.
I really love watch through the windows of this prison, i learn a lot of things about this
place, for example... how the guards work, how the food is (really disgusting, puaj) or how 
the inmates are, i always talk with them from the window, like i'm doing with you right now,
haha, that's the life.
I was here when they started to build this prison, i come here with my father when i was
a child, it was something like "Oh man! It will be more bigger than Satan's tower!"
20 floors with 4 cells each one, that's 80 cells! Dude, that's HUGE!
I'm lucky, you are on the 2nd floor, so i just need to climb this little mountain that is near
of this prison... what a coincidence, uh?
You may ask "how you know so much about this prison and about me?" Well, let's say that i have some
"contacts" here and on the overworld.
You come from that overworld, no? Ahem... i think that someone can help you escape this cell,
someone that you and me hate, but it's the only way.
After escape, come to the central exit that will be full of guards and demons.. but don't worry,
i have a plan that will make you cry of the epicness!!! huehuehue!
Stay here, don't go to anywhere (anyway you can't, meh) i will advice you when he comes to "save"
you, and then, do what i told you.
Good luck, mate, you're not so disgusting as i thought, hehe!"

*End of the audio*

Posted by Ratnic8000 - November 29th, 2015


I think that i will leave some collabs to work more on this project, i really need to!

I don't made so much, just the intro and some backgrounds, and i think that i have a music on mind for the first scene ;)

Anyway here some pics


Don't say "Fnaf Reference" plz.

And i made some new enemies:

5122328_144883053993_bandicam2015-11-2917-54-48-726.jpg    "I hate my job..."

The Summer Vacations are coming! so i will have more time for this crappy project!

Nothing more, this post is a bit useless, but i just wanted to tell you, fellas, about this poop.  ^__^

Posted by Ratnic8000 - October 21st, 2015

2 months since i don't make any post, so i think that it's time to make one more.

I don't want to become lazy, so i started to work more and take more time on the animations.

And i started with my parts for Hallucination 2, i will try to put some new sprites there, like these:


I call them Motronial Soldiers, i know, what a weird name. XP

And a lil shitty screenshot of the part:


I wanna kiss that beauty face (O 3 O)

I'm not a person who always make tests, so i just have 3 tests (without sounds):

Test #1

Test #2

Test #3

Just that shits for now, i will work more these months.

That's all, cya!

Posted by Ratnic8000 - August 23rd, 2015

My laptop had an error that deleted all my files, including FIM.

I download some sprites for the dump, but i lost a lot of animations and projects.

I have the extracted .fla of FIM and it have some problems and errors, and it lost 2 scenes,

but well, i'm working again on it, i will see if i can finish it to MadnessDay.

For the moment i do 2 tests ;D



Cuz the laziness doesn't attack now

Posted by Ratnic8000 - August 1st, 2015

I just watch to this page, and well, i wanted to make this.


Really, i needed *v*